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Our Belief

As the Specific Coffee family, we believe that drinking coffee is not ordinary action. Therefore, our aim is to take you on an inner journey in the adventure of a perfect cup of coffee.

The cornerstone of this journey is to reach perfect coffee. We welcome with amazing things on every journey of coffee fruit. The magnificent scent when you open the package, the melody that it makes while grinding, meeting with water while brewing with the right methods, and the magnificent notes left on your palate in that first sip are the stages of this magnificent journey.

The journey that starts in your palates, mind and body with that first sip of a cup of coffee that is brewed correctly is a journey entirely for you.


Coffee, which is a magnificent fruit, has different characteristics like us humans according to the conditions of its growing environment. The revealing of these characteristic features in coffee and turning it into a magnificent cup of flavor goes through a series of processes prepared entirely by scientific methods.

The beginning of this journey is to choose the right core. Our first priority is to choose the freshest harvests of the season for you according to the seasonal harvesting times. We prefer fresh and high quality products grown with the right agricultural methods, paid to the farmer for the right of his labor.

We love the word teruar (terroir). This word, which does not only express the soil, contains a wide range of features such as the climatic conditions of the region where the coffee fruit grows, the distance of the coffee tree from the point of view of the sun, the distance from the sea and the degree of humidity. All of these factors, which we call teruar, ensure that our coffee is “specific” with a correct roasting profile.

Of course, the part up to here is a wonderful gift that nature has given us. However, we need skillful hands to transform it into a magnificent cup of drink and to reflect all these specific features on the cup. Here, a wonderful roasting process comes into play.

We adopt Omni-Roast as the roasting philosophy. So we believe in the idea that any coffee can be brewed by any method. For this reason, we create a single roasting profile for our coffees that will feature the specific feature as a result of many roasting tests.

The next trip of the roasted coffee with the right roasting method is that unique aromatic transfer part, brewing, which occurs when it meets the water. What methods you can get by brewing the roasted coffee with the right profile from fresh and high quality fruit depends on your journey with that coffee. We guide you in the brewing methods we experience and the flavors we obtain, but we want the wonderful experience that will come out when the specific features of coffee and your specific features are combined.

Our Style

We work in boutique. We roast as much as ourselves and your needs. Because we believe in the energy of freshness.

We prefer products that are highly scored by the Professional Coffee Quality Classifiers (Q Grader), trained within the framework of ethical trade rules and have traceable features.

We choose the best packaging for our companion coffee to reach you in the right conditions.

We leave the grinding job to you according to your preference. So we only send coffee beans. We believe that the ground coffee loses its aroma fast.

We produce only high quality and certain quantities of quality coffee.

Our product list is constantly updated according to seasonal conditions and harvest periods.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to take you on a short inner journey with a good cup of coffee beyond a coffee trade. Feel the taste left in your palate while sipping your coffee. Candidate yourself to feel that taste. Concentrate. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even a few sips. Let the notes of the coffee dance on your palates, and the music we will recommend to you next to your coffee dance in your soul. Read the letter we sent you with your coffee and, in short, “Renew” with a cup of coffee!