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Tel: +90 549 468 11 01

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Sales Agreement


Sales Agreement


Title: Yazgıcan Restaurant Cafeteria Food Advertising Industry Trade Inc.

Phone: +90 549 468 11 01

Address: Mimarsinan Fatih Mahallesi Gaffar Okan Bulvarı No: 91

Mail: info@specific.coffee


Product information and fees


  • a) The goods subject to the contract shall be delivered to the CONSUMER or to the third person / organization at the address indicated in the INTERNET SITE, provided that the legal 30-day period is not exceeded. The SELLER sends the goods (s) to their shipments through the contracted cargo company and delivers them. If this cargo company does not have a branch at the place where the CONSUMER is located, the CONSUMER’s Goods must be received from another nearby branch of the cargo company reported by the SELLER.
  • b) Generally and unless explicitly stated otherwise, delivery costs (shipping costs, etc.) belong to the CONSUMER. The SELLER may not reflect all or part of the delivery costs to the CONSUMER depending on the campaigns carried out at the time of sale and announced on the INTERNET SITE. In cases where the right of withdrawal is used for the whole of the Goods (s) subject to the order and for some of them (if the CONSUMER’s benefit), the SELLER free shipping (delivery) campaign falls below the minimum shopping amount, the entire amount of delivery / cargo not collected within the scope of the campaign. It is collected by deducting the amount to be refunded to the CONSUMER (this fee is refunded when the CONSUMER pays the delivery / shipping fee).
  • c) The SELLER shall be deemed to have fulfilled his / her action in case the consumer (s) is not present at the address of the CONSUMER at the time of delivery of the goods (s) and the persons at the address do not accept the delivery. It is the CONSUMER’s responsibility to contact the cargo company to track the shipment of the Goods (s) in the absence of anyone to pick up at the address. If the goods are to be delivered to another person / organization other than the CONSUMER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for not having the address or accepting the delivery. In these cases, any damages arising from the CONSUMER’s late delivery of the Goods and expenses incurred due to the waiting of the Goods in the cargo company and / or the return of the cargo to the SELLER shall also belong to the CONSUMER.
  • d) CONSUMER is responsible for checking the Goods as soon as they receive them, and when they see a problem arising from cargo in the Goods, they are not responsible for not accepting the Goods and keeping a record of the cargo company official. Otherwise, the SELLER will not accept responsibility.
  • e) If the CONSUMER has not been provided otherwise by the SELLER, it must be fully paid before receiving the Goods. If the cost of the goods is not fully paid to the SELLER before the delivery in advance sales and the installment amount due in installments is not paid, the SELLER may cancel the contract unilaterally and not deliver the Goods. If, for any reason, after the delivery of the goods, the Bank / financing institution to which the credit card to which the transaction belongs does not pay the cost of the Goods to the SELLER or request back the price paid, the Goods shall be returned to the SELLER by the CONSUMER within 3 days at the latest. If the cost of goods is not paid due to a defect or negligence of the CONSUMER, the shipping costs will be covered by the CONSUMER. All other contractual / legal rights, including tracking that the SELLER will receive the Cost of the Goods without accepting the return, are also reserved in all cases. In order not to give room for hesitation; CONSUMER’s sales price, credit card owned by banks (including financial institutions), installment card, etc. all the possibilities provided by these cards are the credit and / or installment payment opportunities provided by the issuer; Sales of Goods that are realized within this framework and which the SELLER collects in return are not credit or installment sales in terms of the parties of this Agreement, but are cash sales. The legal rights of the SELLER in cases deemed to be sales by installments (including the right to terminate the contract if the installments are not paid and / or to request the payment of the remaining debt together with the default interest) are available and reserved within the framework of the relevant legislation. In case of the default of the CONSUMER, default interest is applied at a monthly rate as stipulated by the laws in force.
  1. f) If the goods cannot be delivered within the legal maximum 30 days due to exceptional situations (such as weather opposition, heavy traffic, earthquake, flood, fire) other than normal sales / delivery conditions, the SELLER informs the CONSUMER about the delivery. . In this case, the CONSUMER can cancel the order, order a similar item or wait until the end of the emergency situation.
  2. g) In the event that it is understood that the SELLER cannot supply the Goods subject to the Contract, it is clear to inform the CONSUMER in three (3) days from the date he learned this situation and to obtain his verbal / written approval.